By my age:

5: Moved to Puyallup, Washington. Lived in that home until I left for college.
15: Started going to an actual school in tenth grade (homeschooled K-9)
18: Graduated high school. Moved away to college in Omaha, Nebraska.
19: Moved back to Washington after three semesters, started at a new school.
20: Changed my major from secondary education to writing
21: Moved off campus, got my first car, got pregnant
22: Graduated college, selected adoptive parents and gave birth to my daughter, moved back to Nebraska
23: Got engaged to my first boyfriend, then married. Then moved to Fairview Heights, IL.
24: Missed Omaha, so we moved back.
26: We bought our first home
28: We're pregnant!
29: Brandon Jude is born
30: We're pregnant again!
31: Holden Paul is born. I quit working traditional jobs and stay home with my children. I begin my first novel.
32: Begin working part-time at a coffee shop.
33: Begin editing. Still working on my novel. Run a marathon. Enter grad school. Quit coffee shop, waitress again.
34. Finish first draft of novel. And first draft of a memoir. And write a shit ton of short stories. Quit waitressing. Freelance write and edit. Begin teaching writing to high school students.

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