44,000 words or about halfway point! It is incredible to see how much I had to say by sitting down and writing what I didn't even know was in me this entire time.


My novel progress stalled. Ever since I started working again (albeit 20 hours per week), my novel has taken a backseat. But I did write a children's picture book in the mean time which I will submit to publishers in 2016. And in 2016, I will pick this novel back up. Because I believe in it and because I still have something to say. A lot, really.


After Holden was born, in March 2014, I started writing a novel. I do not dedicate enough time to this book, I know that, but at least I haven't given up.

And yes, the book is badass and yes, you're going to read it and love it one day. That is my hope, at least. Don't rain on my parade.

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