Sunday, February 4, 2018

Recognizing myself

It was midwest cold, January,
the day I was legally divorced.
I took a hot bath where
sunlight danced on the tiles
from the light of the window.
When I moved, the dancing
changed: faster, higher, calmer, smaller.

It was still January, cold,
when I got my name back.
The name I was always called by,
the name I knew myself as
forever, all my life, until the day
I was married and it was gone
as if my identity didn't matter
I was just someone's wife now.
But the day I got my name back,
I sat in the parking lot of the DMV,
staring at my picture, the one
with the shit-eating grin;
staring at my name,
recognizing myself.

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Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

On the eve of my marriage to the love of my life I wasn't sure how I felt about changing my name, now after 33 years I cannot imagine having a different name the name fits me but I am still in love with the love of my life and happy being his wife