Friday, December 18, 2015


What is enough? In this pursuit of happiness, money, notoriety that we call our lives, is there ever a happy ending? Or will there ever be a destination where we are full? Full of what we sought - happy where we are, content. 

While watching "Wild," I scribbled down a quote: "this has the power to fill you up if you let it." And I thought of how true that is with anything: a simple, yet comfortable home, parenting, enough money (if we ever admitted what actually was enough), hobbies, exercise, food, friendships, our partnerships.

They all have the power to fill us up, if we can be there all the way - be present in them, give them the attention they deserve to get out of them what we expect. If we didn't expect to get without giving, we could be full. "You get out what you put in." It's time to put something in.

Giving opens the way for receiving. 
~Florence Scovel Shinn

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