Sunday, June 21, 2015

surf and turf boys

Brandon met my friend's little chin-poo puppy on Friday and won't stop asking for a dog of his own now. So I was glad to see a content moment with the dog we already own today.
 He was all smiles with everyone, this morning. He's better in the morning.
It feels like forever I have been looking forward to Holden walking. And now, he is trying to run. Too much too fast! I thought that him walking would solve my worries (the constant head bumping) but now I'm afraid it will only cause more. Oh, and where did my baby go?
 Brandon is a summer boy. He loves the sprinkler, the pool, the mister. Anything with water is his jam.
Holden is getting there. He's more turf than surf so far.

See? What'd I tell ya. That's a content Holden: alone with something to play with. 

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