Saturday, November 1, 2014


 Brandon was Jake from the Disney Jr. show last night for Halloween.  My friend sewed his vest for him, which is adorable. There is an actual fold-able lapel. 
 My sister cut up a T-shirt and strung a shoelace for his shirt. We bought black washable hair spray, but he was not liking it. He actually was crying hysterically. So half of his hair was dark, half wasn't.
As we all know, second children don't get much new stuff, so Holden just rewore Brandon's first Halloween costume. Problem is, Holden is a much bigger boy than Brandon was. You can see that the costume ends right below his knee and his pajamas take over from there.
 Brandon loved handing candy to the kids after he got back from trick-or-treating. Two kids told us Brandon was cute. And my sister and I decided kids only know honesty so far, so my suspicion that Brandon is the cutest kid ever is confirmed my some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
 Holden looking jealous that he doesn't get to eat candy yet.
 "You want some, dad?" Brandon says about the full-size candy bars our neighbor is handing out.
 My sister is here, so we're able to get some family pictures.
  The only day of the year that it makes sense that Brandon carries around this bucket (he takes it with him everywhere).
 It was a bit chilly, so our Superman wore a hat.
But of course I know we need a picture without it.

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