Wednesday, September 10, 2014

hammers and bubbles

I am the mother of a toddler boy:
  • He plays with balls, trucks and animals. 
  • He likes shirts with space rangers, trains, and pirates. 
  • When he falls, he gets right back up. 
  • He loves to jump on the bed and says, "Geronimo!"
  • He has Toy Story and Oliver and Company memorized. 
  • Orphaned sticks and rocks always find their way inside with us. 
  • He drives the car from the garage. 
  • He has already distinguished our three remotes. 
  • When he hears football on, he runs to the TV and yells, "Dolphins!"
  • Any object can be used as a hammer. 
  • We openly discuss poop and farts. 
  • His first instinct after a burp is to laugh, rather than say, "excuse me." 
  • Today he evacuated all his toys from his Cozy Coupe and got out shrieking for me to kill the spider on the steering wheel. 
  • When he blows bubbles, he likes to follow them to see where they land ("go see them" as he calls it). 
  • He says, "All safe for Holdy, nothing can hurt him," while patting down the curtains for him - the same thing he used to have me do for him during a thunderstorm. 
  • You'd think his toys were nanopets the way he makes sure they get to eat, drink, sleep, and play.
  • When one of us is sad, he comes to make it all better with a kiss. 
  • When someone hugs in a book or on TV, he turns to me with his arms outstretched and says, "big hug!"
  • When he saw polar animals in the snow in his book, he said, "polar bear is cold! He needs a blanky."
Boys are mysteriously tough yet tender creatures. So blessed to have two of them!

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