Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a letter for my son


You're not quite two yet, but already I can see much of the person you are going to be.

You're funny - you laugh loudly and often, you dance and stomp wildly and you love making me and your daddy laugh.

You're sensitive - you notice emotions in your books and point them out with concern. Yesterday when I was crying, you laid your head on me and rubbed my arm.

You're smart - you can put together and interlocking puzzle by yourself, you try to count to ten and you know some of your ABCs.

You have a strong conscience. You already have a finely-tuned internal compass and you know whether your choices were good ones. You will correct your mistake humbly.

You are stubborn - you know what you want and have little patience most days. It's endearing to me because it's so much like your mother.

I am so proud of you already. I'm proud to be your mama. And I'm excited to see everything else that you become as the years go on and you grow. I'm excited to see you as a big brother and playing sports and in school. I'm excited to see the choices you make and the friends you have and the hobbies you love. I'm excited to see all that is yet to come in the little man I feel I already know so much about. You are the sparkle in my eye, now and forever.


melinda sue said...

i am thinking of you in the home stretch here!

Sarah Anne said...

What a sweet letter! :)