Sunday, September 30, 2012

food, exercise, tv

Brandon eats baby food now. I got him to eat a whole container of carrots the other day. It all starts on his spoon, then goes into his mouth, onto his chin, onto his bib, then back into his mouth.
He is a rolling over fool. He rolled over six consecutive times today. He rolls under the coffee table if you don't stop him.
The boys watch TV together. We just got Brandon a new Baby Einstein and it has soothed all his crying fits today. What did people do before those?

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Brandon has begun making motor sounds with his mouth. He thinks it's hilarious. He spits and sputters all over the place.
  Sometimes I let Steve think Brandon is a daddy's boy. Sometimes.
We have one smiley, happy baby. We have nothing to complain about. Except my ingrown toenails and possible thyroid problem and two-week long headache. But those are my problems. I've got 99 problems but Brandon ain't one.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

college football

Watching college football in the man cave with dad.
Just chilling, comfortably.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty pictures

Donna Boucher over at Quiet Life took some impromptu photos of Brandon at Asher's birthday party two weekends ago. No one can take pictures the way she can. Take a look at how much he has changed since she last took his picture.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

First football Sunday

My boys on the first regular season Miami Dolphins game day.
They managed to tear their eyes away from the tv to look in my general direction for a second.
 Football games are long! Brandon got bored. He wasn't the only one.
He throws dad a bone and looks at the tv for a second. At least pretend you're going to grow up to be a football fan. If you're not, it'll be your's and my little secret.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 22

Brandon has become very attached to us. He loves playing with us. He laughs and smiles when we sing or make faces or talk to him in silly voices.
He is beginning to outgrow his baby toys. This swing was so big on him before. I remember thinking that hippo was so far up he'd never reach it. Now he reaches it and can nearly thrust himself out of the swing.
He is his own best entertainment. All we have to do is put him on the floor and he'll roll over and try to scoot and grab things with his hands. We have a play mat on the way since he pulls blankets right off the ground now.
He has this new thing where he doesn't like to be babied too much. After too much of us holding him, he whimpers until we let him go on his own. Last night I placed him in his play pen and he laughed and cooed to himself until his next feeding time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

old mom

It's official - I am the old mom. I will be thirty before my son turns one. This really hit me last month when I hired a staff member who also has a new baby...she's ten years younger than me. Being older when having children isn't all bad - we're more fiscally responsible and stable now. We have a house Brandon can grow up in. We spoil him with toys and clothes and anything his little heart could ever desire.

But oh, my back! My joints aren't young and spry - I need a massage and a long bath after trucking Brandon's 20 or so pounds up and down the stairs. I need a nap after playing with him for two hours. Brandon knows his mom is old and he gave me a precious gift this week - he slept through the night every single night. Through the night for him is until the 5 o'clock hour. That's fine with me because my alarm goes off at 6:00 am on weekday mornings anyway. I'm not completely caught up on sleep, but I am better rested now than I have been since he was born.

He doesn't cry much anymore, either. He doesn't even cry when he's hungry. He just trusts that I'm keeping time and will have his bottle ready for him when he's ready for it. The second he sees the bottle and it's not in his mouth, he starts fussing and kicking his feet until I plug it into his mouth. But that's about it. He really is the best baby ever. I can't complain. If he wasn't so good, I might not want another one. But now I do want another one - a Brandon clone would be perfect. And we better get a move on it before I'm as old as his friends' grandmas.