Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mama's boy

Brandon is becoming a mama's boy. I think it's adorable. Steve doesn't. I went out for drinks with my friend last night, and checked my phone halfway through. There were texts from Steve:

"Won't stop crying"

...and 15 minutes later:


The same thing happened when I went for a run (my first run in a year - it was 2.5 exhausting miles) on Sunday. I was gone for 27 minutes (yes, I had to stop and walk) and came home to Brandon screaming bloody murder.

The second I pick him up, his tears subside and there are just little tear droplets left in the corners of his eyes.

Sometimes a baby just wants his mama. And it makes Monday the 25th that much harder for me to imagine - daycare day: letting Brandon go gracefully. I'm not sure which of us will cry harder.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes I know what you are saying it is heartbreaking for us to hear them cry. There are many times when I have had to have one of my grandsons pryed off me so I could leave them and I hate it makes me feel so terrible having to leave them.......

When Brandon starts day care ring the day care half and hour after you leave him to make sure he has settled down because yes he will cry and cling to you when you drop him off but if you ring and can't hear him sreaming in the back ground you will feel better so do it.

Mynx said...

Mothers and sons do share a special bond.
And he will go through a stage where he will only want you, for EVERYTHING.

amberjune said...

p.s. just got "brandon's" note and sweet pics in the mail cute!