Thursday, May 10, 2012

bald is not beautiful

Brandon is balding! 
Before (3 weeks)
After (5 weeks) 

If you know about my shallowness pickiness with men in the past, you know my three bugaboos:

1. Short
2. Red hair
3. Bald or balding

I would never date a man with any of those three characteristics. Could my own son end up with all three to spite me for not giving some decent men a chance in the past? So far he's not short by any means, but he's only five weeks old. Now that his hair is falling out, that means his new hair will come in soon. What if it's red? I hear red hair and blond hair share the same gene.

People who say "bald is beautiful" don't have hair. Bald is Mr. Clean. Hair is beautiful. So is height. C'mon, cosmos - you wouldn't play that kind of joke on me, would you?


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Mynx said...

You will still love him no matter what the colour of his hair.
I remember my boys going bald too. Big patch in the back of their heads as they rubbed it off