Friday, April 27, 2012

onesie step for mankind

Anytime Brandon leaves the house, he's wearing a onesie. And why, I thought to myself while snapping today's on, don't adults? Personally, I could handle never seeing a man's hairy plumber's crack or a young woman's hot pink thong or a slightly chubby girl's muffin top between her low rise jeans and too-tight tank top.

Perhaps onesies would also limit unwanted pregnancies since we know what a problem males have taking off a bra. If you added snaps into the mix, I'm sure many wouldn't be able to perform under the pressure.

Have I just discovered the secret to world peace? No unwanted body eyefuls and no unwanted pregnancies? The domino effect would be astounding. Sounds like a peaceful world to me. Holly for President 2016!


melinda sue said...

i kept asher in onesies under everything well past 1 year.

amber johnson said...

hehe...too funny!

Anonymous said...

Good post and funny!!! Love you!