Saturday, April 14, 2012

bath time

Grandma is here!
Aunt Amber snapped some pictures during sponge bath time.
Brandon's umbilical cord stump fell off today, so once his circumcision scar has healed, he will be taking real baths.


Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

I bet grandma loves being a grandma I know I love being a nanna to my 3 beautiful grandchildren........

Can I ask did you have any trouble finding a doctor willing to circumcise him many docotors where I live are unwilling to do it nowadays.

Paper Heart said...

He is so cute! I should fly out and see him this summer!

holly said...

Jo-Anne: no problem finding a doctor to circumcise here in the middle of America. I think it's more common than not.

Karen: you should! I don't know how long school lasts for you, but I'm off work until 6/24.