Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six weeks before baby

'Twas six weeks before his due date and all in his room

were the things loved ones had bought while he was still in the womb.

There were shoes, socks, bibs and onesies in baskets on a tower

and a lot of other things given to him at his baby shower.

Kind words had been written in cards that his mom strung up on the wall

and the Scentsy smell of a fresh baby wafted around the room and down the hall.

His crib had been assembled in a frenzied state of mind

but once the bedding was on it, it all looked just fine.

The alphabet wall his mom, dad, and auntie worked on for weeks

actually turned out alright after a couple of tweaks.

Hundreds of diapers will one day have been changed on this table

for all the times we will clean you until that blessed day when you are able.

His closet had been hung with clothes of all colors and sizes

Because his mom needs retail therapy every time her blood rises.

We're almost ready to bring you home, just a couple more things to do

before the only time we have left over is all spent on you.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

tiny hammock, big ideas

I never really got the Anne Geddes obsession when she was all the rage. But now that our own baby is almost here, I have been wanting my own little album of our baby at his tinniest in these cute little props. There is an Omaha photographer that offers such a service for basically the cost of having a baby in the first place. Might as well take advantage of new parents at their most vulnerable. I get it, it's brilliant business.

I want a picture of Brandon in this adorable little hammock.

I pitched the idea to Steve, but apparently not very convincingly. "You want to spend that kind of money on a picture of our baby in a pot with a flower on his head?" He said incredulously. "Just snap a few pictures of him yourself!" And I laughed. I laughed because of how ridiculous the idea was in the first place, but I hadn't realized it yet. I was blinded by that pint-size hammock.

What is it about being pregnant that makes you lose touch with reality? Probably the same thing that has me filling up his closet with adorable clothes, some of which he won't be able to wear for a year or two. Probably the same thing that has me thinking there's got to be some way I can work less so I can be home with him more. I'm already obsessed with this little guy, and as of now he is just kicks in my stomach.

I guess a new reality is coming my way, and it might not be quite as reasonable as my old reality was. All aboard!