Monday, July 11, 2011

the blogger is out: to return in september

Forgive me for my absence.

Big Brother has begun.

If it weren't for that show, there would be absolutely nothing I liked about summer. I hate mosquitoes and unbearable heat and that stuff between your window panes. I hate the sound of flip flops, I hate those teeny bikinis that I can't wear ever since the stretch marks. I've even become indifferent about ice cream, which was at one time a great joy of my life.

But Big Brother saves me from my misery, even if only for three hours a week. Who am I kidding? Three hours? That's just watching the network show. Then there's twitter feeds and jokers updates and message boards and Big Brother After Dark on Showtime.

Steve says it's my religion, then laughs, as if it's a joke.

No one should joke about people's beliefs. It's disrespectful.

I will lurking around the internet, checking out Big Brother gossip. And every now and again, I'll pop in here, too - to remind myself of my own reality outside of reality tv.

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