Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 things

25 things you don't know about me
or maybe you do - that all depends on how well you know me.

1. I still have all my wisdom teeth
2. I collected basketball cards as a kid
3. Ten years of homeschool is the secret of my brilliance (is "homeschool" one word or two?)
4. I have seen every Sex and the City episode multiple times - even the ones with Aleksandr Petrovsky
5. I have only had two cavities in my life - both were when I was on hiatus from my Sonicare
6. If I was to be a brand ambassador for one company, it would be Sonicare or Camelbak water bottles. Those are two products I completely believe in.
7. I type 76 wpm. Just tested myself.
8. I have hyperhidrosis
9. I'm not into movies that much, but I can't live without TV.
10. I walk or run 20-30 miles per week. 20 in the winter, and I get better with the weather.
11. I hate white walls.
12. I am reading all the Newberry Award and Honor books. At this rate, I should finish by the year 2025.
13. I have a wave pattern/cowlick thing right above my neck. I can never get hair to look right and wish bald really was beautiful.
14. Pink, JLo, Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna make me run faster.
15. I read the Bell Jar every Thanksgiving and Catcher in the Rye every Halloween.
16. I've only owned this one car that I'm still driving
17. My dad was a state representative when I was 11. I helped him on his campaigns with sign waving, canvassing, cold calls, fund raisers, and a parade.
18. I was a camp counselor for two summers: I think I made a grand each summer. Now that's truly minimum wage.
19. All I can cook is pasta and pancakes
20. I always wear heels, unless I'm exercising or lounging around the house. Or if it's summer.
21. I have never been in a tanning bed (it shows)
22. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch
23. I will never wear a bikini again after having a baby
24. I haven't been on a vacation where we didn't visit family since my honeymoon.
25. I love making pointless lists.


Mrs. Hyde said...

I never did like that Russian guy Carried dated...

Patrick said...

I just took a couple typing tests:
71 on the first, 78 on the second

holly said...

Mrs Hyde: he's the worst. Bring back Aiden or Burger.

Patrick: Fuck, I'll have to try harder so I can beat you on the 78. I'll try it with Pink in the background.

melinda sue said...

a non-family vacation would sure be nice, wouldn't it?

someday we will make it to new york. and maui.

until then (also known as the magic day i have 3 weeks of vacation instead of 2)... colorado and wisconsin (or washington in your case) it is!

Karen F. said...

There are two things I never realized before: 1.) people GO on vacations and 2.) There are OTHER places to go besides visiting family.

HUH, who knew????