Monday, January 3, 2011


Here's a bit of wisdom imparted on me by via Facebook:

"January is often considered the month for deep reflection. We look back at the year behind us, bemoaning our regrets and celebrating our successes. And then, we look forward to the future year. We make well-meaning resolutions and hope for the best.

So, in this way, we’re all a little bit like Janus, the Roman god for which January is named. Janus is usually depicted with having two heads that face in opposite directions. One looks back to the year departed, and one looks forward to the new and uncertain year ahead."

Like my car title, I found this poetic. And I became thankful that I only have one head. I don't want to see some of the shit that goes on behind my back.


Karen F. said...

Holly, these last two posts are quite deep and thought provoking.

I loved your list of what you feel is beautiful. I feel like my life is constantly in fast forward and I never get to sit and think about the beautiful things or Roman god's etc.

And I just have to ask, what kind of crummy little car do you drive anyway??? I realize how random that question is, but you've been referring to it, so I want to have a picture in my ONE head that is only facing in one direction, don't have time to look back and regret.

holly said...

Karen F: I feel the same way about life moving too fast. I sit and reflect on something else to slow me down when I can (weekends) and that's where these posts come from.

My car is a '98 Saturn sports coupe. It's plastic and I've had it for nearly seven years now. They just don't make 'em like that anymore - literally.

Karen F. said...

Holly, you NEED a new car, one that is not only safer (does yours even have air bags?), but something with a little style and pizazz!