Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bitch naked on a trampoline

I know my blog posts have become a bit sporadic. I hate myself for it. But I'm working a lot and working out when I can to prevent the second chin that is trying to arrive in time for Christmas. My page came up in some more interesting Google searches, so since that's easy, that will be my post today. The shit people Google, I tell ya. Oh, and I'm glad you can't see what I've Googled because some of it is pretty embarrassing.

1. 2010 boy scout popcorn overpriced
Oh, so it isn't just me?
2. Can you have no reflection in a mirror
If you're a ghost or invisible
3. I hate the word foodie
So do I. And "prego" and other kidsie sounding words (save for "carny")
4. Bitchlust
Who doesn't want a good bitch?
5. I worried about bitching me at work
Maybe you should start doing your job properly then
6. These donut bitches used to believe they were grown up bitches
I'm just proud that I appear if you Google "donut" "bitches" and "grown up"
7. Announcement of Rich Brown being named CFO of Garden Ridge
I imagine Rich's disappointment when he Googled his achievement and found nothing but my blog.
8. Bitch naked on a trampoline
Sorry to disappoint in my lack of nude photos here, but trust me, you don't want to see this.
9. Sweaty women
Some people have weird fetishes.
10. Stepbrothers sweater vest
I have made it on Google! I come up in sweater vest searches!


Anonymous said...

Have to admit. This list had me laughing out loud. Hope all is well...

Scott M.

Mrs. Hyde said...

LMFAO! I did mine yesterday and these are some of the results I got: 1. insanity leads to evil, 2. mrs. fuck a lot, 3. dear santa, I have been naughty this year.

holly said...

Mrs. Hyde: now that's funny. I think the IP address that googled #2 & #3 is probably the same.

Donna Boucher said...

Very funny!

Anonymous said...

You got great points there, that's why I always love checking out your blog.

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