Monday, December 6, 2010

creeps on the loose

Remember the list of all the shit you can't write on a personalized license plate? Some of those were merely the mention of anything religious. So that's not allowed, but this is?


I imagine the inside is stocked with Boone's Farm and those Camel cigarettes in the pink boxes which are supposedly marketed for children.

Never let your teenage daughters near Hobby Lobby where we found this man. He must have been loitering in the bead aisle before hopping in his ride to go look for young blood at the skating rink, where with any luck Chris Hansen will be waiting.


Karen F. said...

Seriously sad and creepy! Wow, it's sickening to think that "those" kinds are out there. Is it a pimp-mobile, sure looks expensive! I always tell my daughter who's 24, you don't have to be paranoid, just be VERY aware of your surroundings........ALWAYS!
Thanks for the eye opener Holly.

Mrs. Hyde said...

You just know that the cab in the back lifts up to reveal a water bed and mini bar.