Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hicksville, USA

Those of you who read my blog from some urban location probably imagine I live in Hicksville, USA. After all, I live in Nebraska. Although I live in the state's main city, the mere mention of the name "Nebraska" or any other state that ends in "A" probably suggests to you that I live on a street like this:

With a backyard that looks like this:

And when people come to visit, their only option is to stay in a place like this:

Quite to the contrary: I live in a suburban housing development like everyone else. But my sister and I enjoyed driving through rural Nebraska to get to the apple orchards yesterday. It was a lovely fall day to be surrounded by cornfields and windmills.

We bought Amish candy and popcorn balls and taffy. We picked up some gourds and pumpkins to later decorate my "puzzle table" with (it's really the formal dining room table but it hasn't been used for anything but puzzles). Later, we went to the Omaha Nighthawks UFL game. I love fall for the few weeks we get it. I love everything about it from the falling leaves to the crisp air to the football games. And fall is absolutely gorgeous on a rural drive.


Donna Boucher said...

Sounds so nice.

I'd like that.

Rabbit (aka Micael Chadwick) said...

I love that little hotel! It looks so sad and small! Makes me want to bring it home with me and fix it some biscuits and iced tea and give it a hug!

Kimberly said...

So what you're saying is that Hicksville is just a short drive from your house:) I think I could live in Hicksville if it looks like these pictures!

holly said...

Donna: It was nice. Go for a drive! I'm sure you have plenty of rural roads out there in Wisconsin.

Rabbit: my sister and I fell in love with that tiny hotel, too. The side says, "Lunch/Soft drinks" which she fell in love with. It's pretty rundown so I'm sure it would welcome your biscuits and iced tea.

Aunt Kimberly: Precisely - just 30 minutes away! It's alarming how close I am to the sticks.