Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We all have people in our lives - some good, some bad- that shape us. ~Some crime show on CBS after Big Brother tonight

My daughter shaped me. I know that sounds bizarre since I hardly know her, but somehow the whole event of her birth and everything that led up to it and followed as a result of it changed me:

Her adoptive parents showed me that love and goodness can come out of a mistake, not just anger and judgment.

The anger and judgment I felt from others taught me how to live independently.

The mistakes I made taught me to forgive others for theirs.

Watching Gracie grow up happy makes me realize that not every mistake has to turn into a regret.

I'm not a perfect person: I'm selfish and ungrateful and pessimistic. But Gracie's birth illuminated another side to me that I didn't know was there: a side of me that believes in joy, peace, goodness. And for that I am grateful and optimistic.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my. What a sweet picture.

What a lovely and true sentiment.

I am more and more merciful as I get older.

melinda sue said...


Karen F. said...

Did you give her up for adoption but are still lucky enough to see her and spend time with her? I'm just wondering because I see pictures on the right side of your blog where you are holding her? I too am adopted, so I'm just curious? Thanks.

holly said...

Karen: yes - we have an open adoption. They mostly send me pictures as we live in different states now, but I do see her occasionally as well.

Karen F. said...

WOw, that's the most UN selfish thing I've ever heard anyone do, that must have taken every ounce of courage and maturity you had to make such a wise choice. Sure is wonderful that they send pictures and let you follow her life. Thanks for letting me know that, be blessed.