Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today held no agenda. So I finished Thursday's puzzle, then read a book on the couch. When my head was filled with thoughts, I grabbed my green pen and wrote. Then I went on a walk. Omaha is hushed for three hours every Saturday in the fall. I walked by houses with Husker flags and heard nothing but the muffled static of television sets. I walked until my head had again filled with thoughts and then I came home to a house filled with the fragrant nearly-Autumn breeze from the open windows. I sat down to write again.

Today I am myself. Today I am not influenced by anything or anyone else. This is me. Sometimes my duties as an employee, a homeowner, a wife, and a hundred other epithets cloud my mind and I forget. But not today. Today held no agenda.

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Micael Chadwick ("Rabbit") said...

This is wonderful... The last paragraph took my breath away. Simply gorgeous.