Thursday, September 30, 2010

chub reasons

I told you that I've logged over 100 miles every month now since April. But I'm still chubby. And you know what? I always will be. Here's why:

1. I always eat dessert. I mean always. After every meal and snack
2. Steve said I was tweaking the other day before my root beer float fix
3. I won't eat anything green. White is the best color for food
4. My diet can be summed up in three categories: carbs, sugar, Qdoba
5. I don't vary my workout routine. I'd rather just log miles
6. Olive Garden Chicken Scampi
7. In my work drawer next to the envelopes is a Zinger, marshmallow supreme, and a Nature Valley® Dark Chocolate Granola Thin
8. Saturday mornings were made for a Starbucks drink and a Winchell's donut
9. Steve says he likes my body, so I pretend to believe him
10. You think I'm a bitch now? Imagine how much bitchier a skinnier me would be!


Kimberly said...

You make me laugh, usually because I can relate to whatever you're posting. I too run so I can eat but never seem to loose one pound! I do have to say that I can't see anything remotely chubby about you. I do love that you love your food, even if it's not "healthy"- and your 1-10 list clearly shows no signs of denial! Go log some miles:)

Karen F. said...

THank you for explaining to me the reasons why I am still "chubby" to say the least. Not that it was a mystery but somehow seeing someone else admitting how awful green foods are and how "white is right" makes me feel better!

melinda sue said...

funny. and i like that you say "chubby". got my money for my jogging stroller, as soon as the dr gives the okay, i'm on my way out that door!

melinda sue said...

ps... now i am really wishing i were drinking a strabucks. i forgot to get one when i ventured out to target yesterday.