Monday, August 9, 2010

Worst 4

Sometimes I do Top 5 posts. But sometimes that just won't do. Sometimes I want to bitch about things that suck. Like always. So I've invented Worst 4 posts. This is my sensory edition.

Worst 4 smells:
1. wet dog
2. The Body Shop
3. burnt popcorn
4. dying flowers

Worst 4 tastes (that I've tried so far):
1. corn bread
2. broccoli
3. cantaloupe
4. scallop potatoes

Worst 4 touches:
1. microfiber couches
2. the crunch of a bug between your fingers and the kleenex
3. carpet when hands are sweaty
4. shaking hands when yours are sweaty (OK, any touch with sweaty hands)

Worst 4 sights:
1. unsightly body hair
2. Lady Gaga not in costume
3. Rotted teeth
4. Roadkill

Worst 4 sounds:
1. alarm clock
2. sirens
3. kids that won't stop whining/crying/screaming
4. dogs that won't stop barking


shelby said...

i'm with you on the cornbread but you lost me at scalloped potatoes. its cheese and potatoes what's not to love?

melinda sue said...

mmmm cornbread. i hate cantaloupe. everyone seems to love it... it smells like its rotting, is mushy, and an unnatural shade of orange. who would want to eat that? gives me the wiggles. microfiber couches also give me the wiggles.

i am going to steal this and do it tonight...

Donna Boucher said...

great worst list.

Jalapeño said...

Haha! "Lady Gaga not in costume." She is one hideous creature!