Thursday, July 8, 2010

as close as i get to talking politics

Nice try, hateful & unsuccessful business owner. I'm sure you thought Nebraska would be a prime location to try peddling your goods to people who are anti-Middle East (oh I'm sorry, you prefer the term patriotic don't you? I'm assuming that's what your painted flag is supposed to represent). You were wrong about us; if you can't get your prices below Bucky's and BP's, we're not buying. We're not into your propaganda, we'd rather save a buck so we can go inside and buy a slurpee.

You're not king in the oil world. How does it feel to be a minority? Now that you're out of business, perhaps you should cross the street and apply at QuikTrip. They've got 50 different flavored slushees and their name isn't menacing at all.

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shelby said...

i noticed while i was home that the terror free oil on q closed.