Monday, April 26, 2010

Stories told in just six words

I've been participating in Six Word Saturday for a few weeks now. It was born after Cate read "Not Quite What I was planning" which is a collection of six-word memoirs inspired by Ernest Hemingway's now notorious six-word story, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." So of course I had to buy the book. I logged onto one of my many favorite websites, and bought it for the plane ride to Phoenix I anticipated being invited on but wasn't. In six words, I'll refer to that as: "Bought reading material. Trip canceled. Expensed." Here are a few of the gems I've uncovered so far:

I still make coffee for two. - Zak Nelson

Never should have bought that ring. - Paul Bellows

Recent doctorate means overeducated and underemployed. - Philip Sternberg

Bad brakes discovered at high speed. - Paul Schultz

Followed rules, not dreams. Never again. - Margaret Hellerstein

I recognize red flags faster, now. - Kristen Grimm

Found true love, married someone else. - Bjorn Stromberg

Oklahoma girl meets world. Regrets it. -Gretchen Wahl

And then, just I was really enjoying this book and loving the flip of each new page, I ran across this one:

Blogging is easy. Writing is hard. - Jennifer Shreve

Damn. Ain't that the truth? F***.
Added the obscenity to equal six.
Loosen up, straight-laced. All have vices.
Don't know how to count hyphen.
Also don't give a f***. Oops.
S***, said "f***". F***, said "s***".

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