Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In a word, yes. She does

Does my biological mother cry sometimes? - Steven Schmidt

In a word, yes. She does.

As long as her heart continues to beat, a day won't pass that she doesn't think of you. And think of what you think. And wonder and hope and dream for you. That's what mothers do. Whether or not they live there with you. Being adopted doesn't mean you were never loved by your biological mother; sometimes it means she loved you so much that she gave you better parents.

Her blue eyes capture the distance.
- Sonya Cheuse

She has your lips and nose.
My eyes and hair.
But she doesn't know us.

She stares at me in astonishment
from a black and white photo
I pirated from her dad's Facebook page.

Astonished I would do such a thing.
-April 26, 2010


melinda sue said...

beautiful holly. beautiful girl, beautiful post.

Tracey said...

She's so beautiful. As a mom, I know exactly what you mean.

Jingle said...

very smart poem!

Jingle said...


Happy May!