Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

My Valentine's day was low-key, which is exactly what I prefer. Steve made me a breakfast burrito this morning, then we worked in the basement. We had dinner reservations at Spezia, a nice Italian restaurant that neither of us has ever been to. We looked at the menu online and decided we'd rather go to TGI Friday's. So we canceled our reservations and went a place we knew we'd both enjoy. It was fantastic. Every year, we write cards to each other that say how we feel about the other, and that is what really makes the day special, anyway.

And now I'm going to shovel the driveway, run on the treadmill, and give Steve a haircut, and watch a movie with him, and there's nothing to complain about. Because that's how we like it: just him and me living our lives as though nothing is out of the ordinary, but saying stupid things like, "be mine" to show today is a little unordinary. And I know this doesn't count as a real holiday, but I hope you all enjoyed today regardless. I hope no matter how grandiose or how relaxed, you all felt loved.


melinda sue said...
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melinda sue said...

our valentines day was spent exactly the way we love. in our sweats, doing nothing. we watched the olympics, and a movie, and ordered chinese food. this is our life.