Tuesday, January 19, 2010

epiphanies #6

Why does Geico have so many mascots? I'm so annoyed about it. Pick one and stick to it. It seems like Geico has so much more to offer than they really do w/all these different commercials.

Is there a reason we load planes by row clusters? Inevitably, someone has to move into the aisle to let their row mate in. I had this problem on all four of my four flights. The other passengers sigh and harrumph as if that empty seat next to them was going to stay that way on what the flight attendant called "a completely full flight." We should board windows to aisles. "All A seats, come on in." Next F seats, then B seats. I should be paid for my genius. Don't even get me started on all the inventions I've come up with that no one else has thought up yet.

I've never seen so many hip pockets in my entire life as I saw this past weekend. There were hip pockets, work out utility belts, you name it. If it could possibly go around a waist, it did. At first, I thought they were for old people and homeschoolers, but with the shear volume, I've begun to rethink that and realize I might be the one missing out on the fad. They certainly would be more practical than a purse.

That reminds me: for Amber's 13th birthday, Chad and I got her a hip pocket. It was purple from Target. We filled it with things we thought you should put in a hip pocket: a wallet, Bubblicious, Teen Spirit deodorant. She was elated. She liked zipping open each new compartment to see some new treasure. Does this still work? I've got a few birthdays coming up and so far my ideas are limited to gift cards. Hip pockets are so much more interesting.


melinda sue said...

by hip pockets, do you mean fanny packs? we call them fanny packs.

shelby said...

i think a hip pocket has more zippers and is flat.

also, there is an airline that boards from window to aisle but i can't remember which one.

Autumn said...

Yes post a picture of a hip pocket, I have no idea what one is either (and I'm too lazy this late at night to go googling it, though I might remember tomorrow all on my own haha)
Geico should stick with the lizard. He's the cutest!
And fabulous idea on the seating for planes thing!!

melinda sue said...

and also i forgot to mention, geico sucks. that gecko, and those cave men, and that googly eyed wad of cash all annoy me.

maybe we should quit our jobs and invent things. we have most of the answers.

holly said...

yes, they are called fanny packs out here. i forgot the midwest name for it when i was posting.

Patrick said...

Geico is ridiculous however I do like the Money with Eyes. I don't know why, it just cracks me up