Thursday, December 31, 2009


So today while Steve and I were out and about, I requested he stop quickly at a nail salon so I could get my eyebrows waxed. He could stay in the car, it would just take a minute. He politely refused. He wanted to get home to watch the second half of the Stanford game. I begged using that hold I thought I had on him. He told me my eyebrows looked fine, why didn't I just get them done sometime this weekend. What was I worrying about, I looked pretty.

Nothing like a compliment to talk a girl off a cliff. We were nearly home when I pulled down my visor due to the blinding sun. The visor has a mirror on the back of it. I gasped. My eyebrows were growing their own eyebrows. I looked like I had just stepped out of a Geico commercial (one with the unibrow Sasquatch caveman, not the lizard, obviously).

Guys will tell a girl anything to get their way. Anything. And I thought being dull and married changed you to being more honest with each other, but I guess not. The lying and compliments don't stop after the bar scene, they start all over; but instead of trying to take you home, the guy wants smaller favors. Maybe for you to wash up the dishes, take out the trash, or leave him alone.

So we got home and he turned on the Stanford game, and I picked up my keys and drove to the nearest nail salon immediately. I didn't make Steve drive me, I didn't curse him up and down, because one thing I have learned from marriage is compromise. But only because it's what you have to do, girls, when the guy is no longer trying so hard to woo you.

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