Sunday, December 6, 2009

If my clothes could talk

they'd tell me to stop torturing them.

Even if you avoid the scale, there are little ways you're reminded it's time to lose a couple pounds. And I'm very aware of all of them.

1. You leave your pants unbuttoned until right before you leave the house
2. You come home and immediately change into sweat pants
3. Even the zipper on your boot is getting harder and harder to pull.
4. You need a long shirt to wear underneath your main shirt
5. You have tons of clothes, but re-wear the same ones because only they fit
6. Stretch marks
7. Muffin top
8. Jumping into your pants
9. Blousy tops
10. Elastic ring marks (waist, calves - wherever)

Time to hit the treadmill. Or buy a size up.

1 comment:

melinda sue said...

i have a closet full of clothes, and i never even have to open to doors... because the clothes that fit me are so few they never make it back into the closet. washer, dryer, laundry basket, body, floor, body, laundry basket, and repeat.