Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a love/hate relationship

There are things I love about marriage, but also things I hate.

Loving: coming back upstairs after working out and seeing Steve has cleaned up the kitchen after the mess that is taco night.
Hating: never getting to watch the main tv w/the DVR box because Steve is always using it. Always.

Loving: dual income
Hating: explaining where our money went

Loving: King-size bed
Hating: hearing his iPod blare that terrible new Mae EP all night long.

Loving: our home
Hating: cleaning it

Loving: an egg and coffee every morning
Hating: serving as his sixth and final wake-up call


shelby said...

i like most of the new mae songs but haven't heard the latest one. they're doing that one song a month thing-which i'm sure you know all about. but i must say i have similar feelings and no bling to show for it.

Autumn said...

Don't forget this one:
Love snuggling up and watching movies with you
Hate horror flicks (and sometimes sports!)

Lol I feel ya on this one! Sometimes I swear he does things just to drive me NUTS.