Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Husk this

So apparently this state doesn't have a whole lot going on, because the obsession with Cornhuskers football gets more and more insane each year. Today, the local news channel had a giant

on Saturday's weather forecast. I am the only person who doesn't wear red on game days (even Amber is doing it now, so I know I am indeed the last person left to conform). On the plus side, those three hours of game time are the only peace and quiet Wal-mart ever sees, so it does give me a chance to get some errands ran.

I'm the only person who asks, "who played last night?" when everyone is talking about college ball at work. I'm the only person who thinks this is the stupidest name ever for a sports team. Well, let me rephrase that: I used to think that until Steve's grandpa told me they used to be called the Bugeaters. Alas, this is where I live. We all make mistakes.


shelby said...

1. of course you think it's stupid cause you aren't from nebraska.

2. i didn't really care about nu football until i went to college and didn't have to hear it all the time.

3. i could think of way dumber names of mascots. cornhuskers makes sence- corn and nebraska are a marriage that will last forever.

tennessee- volunteers
purdue- boilermakers
stanford- cardinal but the color not the bird and the mascot is a tree

melinda sue said...

holly, agreed. ridiculous. dont even try to find someone to help you at home depot when the game is on. they must have all been huddles around a tv int eh back room.

melinda sue said...

look at my typing skills... now that is ridiculous.