Monday, September 28, 2009

Lost and found

Found my debit card. It was between a bunch of career fair business cards in my purse. Sorry Hunter Parrish look alike. I'm glad I only glared at you and didn't scream and curse. Now I must wait 7-10 business days for a new card so I can spend money again. That's what I get for being so volatile.

Who am I kidding about a hiatus from spending money? I found a credit card in my purse, too. Banana Republic has a buy two sale items, get one free sale on. Of course I couldn't say no. Women: you must shop on Sundays when your husband is watching football. If his team wins, he won't care (as much). If they lose (always my scenario), hopefully he'll be too pissed to notice.

I'm off to eat more healthy food for dinner in hopes to one day fit into my new clothes. Gained seven pounds on a one week vacation. Atta girl. Go big or go home.


Autumn said...

Lol. I was all proud of myself today because I finally was able to force myself into a pair of pants I had just about given up on (see hold breath, lay on bed, squeeze zipper shut!). So I wore them to walmart to (showoff) pick up some coffee...dropped the coffee by accident, bent down to pick them up and ripped my pants in the process.... Blah. At least I have a great story to tell for Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesdays tomorrow! lol!

holly said...

Too funny. I am acutely aware of where the term "muffin top" came from: it's literally from eating too many muffins!