Thursday, September 17, 2009

life or something like it

Do you ever imagine a life different than the one you have?

I do.

Not wishing or hoping, just wondering.

Had I not ended up with Steve, I don't imagine things would be any better: I only imagine much worse. Like three kids in a two-bedroom apartment. Or maybe a nice house but neglected and alone. Or maybe living by myself, forgetting what bills are due when with massive amounts of debt.

I imagine still being a waitress, still getting wasted every night, only older, this time a bit more pathetic.

I imagine discontentment.

And these musings remind me that I am content. That I was happy to be at the Puyallup Fair today holding the hand of the man I love. That although I wasn't able to plan out my life to a tee, the way things fell into place worked out well for me.

I think it's harmless to wonder. Sometimes, like today, it's even beneficial.


Nona said...

I am content, too- no, that's not quite the right word- GRATEFUL. That's it, extremely grateful- to know you, to get glimpses into your world, grateful that God merged our worlds, that you are content.

melinda sue said...

lovely post holly.