Monday, August 24, 2009

garage sale

Things I’ve got rid of that I wish I still had:

A set of books my grandma bought me and inscribed; rollerblades; bike with its attached speedometer; my educational reports I made purely for fun when I was homeschooled; my track sweats (although these were stolen – I refuse to believe I lost them or tossed them out); Lite Brite; KerPlunk; spirograph.

Things I’ve got rid of that I don’t miss:

My myspace account; Birkenstocks; that piano keys afghan throw; stirrup pants; oversized t-shirts; my Sylvester collection; Tucker #1; stuffed animal hammock; green khakis; various mood jewelry; Sandi Patty (or is it Sandy Patti) cassettes; that tan corduroy men’s zip up shirt/jacket; Easter hats; Avon popsicle suspenders; “whatever” keychain; easy bake oven (those little cakes took forever!); crimping iron; scrunchies.


shelby said...

we still have our lite-brite and i think i still have my spirograph. maybe i'll let you play with them sometime.

holly said...

don't tease me. i would love to share your toys. i'll let you play with my popple, Lisa in trade.

melinda sue said...

tucker #1... now that is funny.

i for sure have my spirograph and kerplunk (but i need some new sticks, we only have a few. i should look on ebay). i also regret giving away my rollerblades.

and it's sandi patty. my mom sang every sandi patty song ever made in church at one time or another.

shelby said...

according to wikipedia sandi patti and sandy patty were used as spellings. i had to look her up cause i have no clue who she is. but she did the juicy fruit song which i do know. but anyway i was going to tell you, you can buy lite brite at target. my niece and nephew have em and you can get fancy paper with cartoon pictures on em.

holly said...

apparently her real name is sandi patty, but there was a printer's mistake that stuck, so she was known as sandi patti. she went back to the correct spelling of her name, probably after her affairs with the married men in the early 90s to have a new identity. i was curious too. who has two names that are the same?