Thursday, August 27, 2009

3rd anniversery

My husband sent a dozen roses to my work.

Here are a dozen reasons I love my husband:

1. He doesn’t complain if I don’t make the bed one day

2. When I tell him I plan to buy clothes, he rationalizes it away by saying, “I buy booze.”

3. He is passionate about everything he loves (his family, football, me)

4. He calls me various terms of endearment even though they annoy me, because he actually means it

5. He is low maintenance, but doesn’t mind that sometimes I’m not

6. He makes me laugh so hard I cry by customizing songs and raps to fit the mood

7. Even though he wishes I could, he doesn’t mention the fact that I can’t cook and faithfully caters to my picky eating.

8. He calms me down when I become irrational

9. He leaves me alone when he knows there is no calming me down

10. He gives incredibly thoughtful presents by remembering things I mentioned casually in conversation months ago.

11. He reads my writing and tells me that he likes it.

12. He kisses me every day, hugs me gently in public, and still holds my hand in the car.


Donna Boucher said...

Happy Anniversary!
You two have something very special goin on!

melinda sue said...

happy anniversary!

MamaGeph said...

Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a keeper. :)