Thursday, July 9, 2009

starts and hopefully someday a finish

A day of beginnings. And I'm not just talking about Big Brother. I ran again tonight. My thirty miles a week days are so far behind me that it's hard to believe I was ever an exerciseoholic. If I'm ever going to run this half marathon, it's going to take a lot more dedication than I've been able to muster in the last year.

I also began writing a book. I've been wanting to write a book for years now. Since about age seven I've wanted to. I finally had a bookworthy idea, so yesterday I sketched it out and today I wrote my first page. We'll see how long this lasts. Perhaps by the time the half marathon rolls around I'll have a plot.

Before running on Satan's conveyor belt (more commonly known as a treadmill), I ran around Wehrspann lake last week. On the drive home, I saw a personalized license plate (which are usually reserved for the self-obsorbed). This one read "ILVPZLS." I love plazas? I wondered. Then it hit me, I love puzzles. My soulmate lives here in Omaha, drives a gray Hyundai Santa Fe, and is most likely a 72-year old woman.

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melinda sue said...


write. do it. i am too scared to even try, so i will live through you.

and also, i love puzzles, i will have to come see your library. there we can sit smelling books and putting together puzzles, like we are the two nerdiest people in the city of omaha, which we might be.