Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the Hollywood Holly, e coli

Every episode of Californication season #2 is now available On Demand. I've been waiting for this for months now. I'm not stating this to suggest you watch the show, because it's definitely not a Seinfeld-type show and I wouldn't want to taint anyone and be responsible for it, I'm only stating this for the paragraph that follows.

What I've heard of David Duchovny parallels his character on the show quite well. I imagine David does spend a Tuesday night indulging in all types of behaviors that would make a saint shudder. That made me think if my life was a show, what actress would be the most like me that she would be cast for the role? I would love to pick one of the sexy, slim, centerfold-type models, but that wouldn't be realistic. I came to settle on Renee Zellweger because I know she doesn't have a problem gaining a few pounds for a role, and she married Kenny Chesney and then quickly got that annulled (probably once he finally took his hat off and she realized he's bald). That seems like the type of stupid, impulsive decision I would make and later regret.

I was thinking of all of this while I was waiting outside for Tucker. I would say taking him on a walk, but there's not much walking that goes on. It's really more of him sniffing every branch and blade of grass an creature has ever sniffed or peed on. While standing there pondering some of these deep thoughts, I noticed the bag the apartments provide us to clean up after our pets are the exact same bags the grocery stores put out for gathering produce. Thank God, I think, that we haven't yet become so earth-friendly that we recycle these. But I could be underestimating the human race here. After all, that would explain all these e coli outbreaks.

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Heidi said...

Yesterday I was reading a sign at the playground by my house that boasted the fact that the "doggie bags" provided along the trail were not only made of 100% recycled materials, but were also biodegradable. Clever, eh? However I shudder to think of the pile where they are all left to biodegrade.