Wednesday, April 1, 2009

eBay suggests

I buy a lot of my clothes on eBay. I try to avoid the malls at all costs, so once I know of a brand, style, and size I like of something, I buy multiples at discount prices. After buying a few things on eBay, it begins to suggest items to you that you may like based on past purchases.

The other day, I laughed at the “eBay suggests” box at the unfortunate choices the featured shopper had – all grandma-knitted vests. When I literally laughed out loud, that’s when I realized that the shopper was me. Of course eBay doesn’t post other shoppers’ preferences, just those of the person who is logged in. My unfortunate suggestions were a result of constantly searching for “sweater vests.”

Apparently eBay doesn’t know the difference between a stylish and a hideous sweater vest. Then I realized: what if no one else does? What if I’m the only one fooling myself into believing that sweater vests are hip, while the rest of the world watches in disbelief?

Perhaps the executives at eBay were having a little too much fun creating my suggestion results – jabbing each other with each suggestion that is worse than the last. “You added a crocheted vest? That’s nothing: I put a human-sized doily on there.”

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