Tuesday, March 24, 2009

what stays and what goes during the recession

I wouldn’t consider myself overly frugal (I cringe at the thought of jeans from Old Navy or American Eagle), but there are a few things I can’t imagine paying full price for – such as:

1. A $7 cocktail (for the price of two, I could buy an entire bottle of booze – and no tip required)
2. Q-Tip brand q-tips (I now buy generic, but you have to be careful with those – I once stuck one in my ear that didn’t have any cotton on the end)
3. Seeing a movie in the theater for $9.50 (Steve and I are guilty of going to the $5 matinee on Saturdays)
4. A brand new book (the library, garage sales, and Half Price books exist for a reason)
5. Chips (when did they become $4 a bag? Pringles and Santitas for us)
6. Campbells soup at $1.40 each (I’m not that old and I remember them at 3/$1)

Then again, there are some things that I will buy at (nearly) any price -- for example:

1. Peanut Buster Parfaits (truthfully, I started on those when they were $1 each last summer, but now I pay the full $4.27 to get my fix)
2. DVR (if you have it, you understand – if you don’t, crawl out from under that rock and join the rest of the enlightened world)
3. Designer jeans (admittedly, I do usually buy them on eBay, so they’re not that expensive, but my mom almost had a heart attack when I bought True Religions last year for $114)
4. My treadmill (I hate working out amongst strangers – sharing the TV, getting annoyed when people get off the elliptical after five minutes: it gets me too wound up and completely diffuses the purpose of blowing off steam)
5. A Winchell’s old fashioned donut covered in chocolate icing (Steve never has to ask anymore what the 84¢ charge on my debit card is)
6. PopSecret Homestyle popcorn (thanks to Karen for getting me [and Steve now] hooked. We can never go back to ACT II or any other lousy brand which merely pales in comparison)

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