Monday, March 23, 2009

a matinee movie with two young kids

This weekend Steve and I went to a matinee movie. While purchasing the tickets, the cashier said, “ID?” Steve answered with, “no, I don’t have a student ID” (a lot of people mistake us for college kids). “No,” the cashier responded, “your ID – it’s rated ‘R’”.
“We’re almost 30,” I said while digging into my huge (it’s new) purse. This has happened to us quite frequently recently.

We both got carded for Steve to buy a carton of cigarettes (really though? Kids know how to get cigarettes and it doesn’t entail walking their underage asses into a convenience store). We always get carded for booze, but that doesn’t concern me – the booze age is 21. The cigarettes age? That’s 18. And I believe (I could be wrong though, it’s been awhile) the rated “R” movies age is 17.

Steve and I joke that we will be senior citizens getting carded for the early bird special (“You couldn’t be – you don’t look a day over 45”). I am not complaining – there are much worse ailments than youthful and vibrant skin. After buying the tickets, we hit up the concession stand where, after handing us our popcorn, our cashier said, “enjoy your movie.”

“You too,” I said out of reflex (I’ve said, “you too” to “do you want your lip waxed?” and “perhaps a bigger size”). Then, instead of walking off and leaving it at that, I blubbered. “I mean, you’re not seeing a movie…just disregard what I said…it’s before noon.” I was stammering like a jr. high girl (actually, he probably thought I was one) who just ran into the hot jock who already was sprouting peach fuzz.

This indeed was not the case. Our cashier looked like every other AMC employee: a pimply 15-year-old who was slightly overweight from all that free popcorn (although corn is a vegetable, popcorn is still empty carbs). After our morning at the movies, Steve went on a walk together (we are already preparing for that early bird special with some of our rituals). “Do you think your flustered stammering was blogworthy?” he asked. It didn’t take much mulling over for me to decide on an answer, since I know my standards and they are ridiculously low. “Yes, yes it is.”

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